David Blaine Card Switch Trick Revealed

David Blaine Card Switch Trick Revealed

This was one of the first tricks I've ever saw David Blaine perform and as you could imagine i was amazed by the effect of this trick, The trick is easy to perform with a bit of practice and can be learned in a few hours, using a simple slieght of hand move called the double lift. This David Blaine Card is easy to peform and has a fantastic effect, Watch the video below to see how its performed and done,

As you can see the double lift is easy to do all it the move is picking up two cards at once and showing the bottom card hiding the top card above it.

Once learned you can amaze your friend with this superb David Blaine card trick

How Does David Blaine Levitate? Revealed

David blaine levitation explained

For years i wondered how does david blaine levitate? but recently whilst browsing my favourite site i stumbled upon this video which explained David blaines levitation trick, I was happily surprised to see how easy and simple this levitation trick which seemed impossible was to do.

SPOILER: this will reveal how David Blaine pulls of his street levitation trick.

If you watch the video you will see how simple this levitation trick was to do, Simply standing at the right angles and lifting your self up on the toes of your left foot will give you the effect of levitating of the ground, now i hope that answears your question on how does david blaine levitate?